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EEE-Ultra Shine Can

EEE-Ultra Shine Can
250 ml
Shellawax Ultra Shine is a cut and polish paste containing Tripoli powder, an ultra-fine abrasive. 
The polish is designed to be used in conjunction with Shellawax Cream and liquid formulations
or as a finish in its own right on plastics (such as acrylic, similar products used for pen bodies, etc.). 
Although designed to be used directly on raw timber, bear in mind that EEE is not a finish in itself and
the polished surface will need protecting by the use of some other product (such as Shellawax). 
EEE-Ultra Shine can be used over many other finishes such as oils and most types of varnish,
enhancing the surface and giving it a smoothness and lustre with an ease that you would never
have thought possible.
- Shellawax products are foodsafe
- especially for use on the lathe
- due to the heat development while applied to the
  turning workpiece it is melding and blending 
  optimal with the wood
- Shellawax products give a resistant, hard, pale
  and glossy surface
- completelyl hardened in appr. 3 weeks -
  workpiece can be touched and used before 
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EEE-Ultra Shine Can
250 ml

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